The official website for the upcoming summer 2015 anime, Classroom Crisis, has revealed the performers for its theme songs, and they are the seiyuu unit known as TrySail, and the still mysterious J-pop duo known as ClariS.

classroom crisis1

TrySail, which is made up of Sora Amamiya (Akame Ga Kill!’s Akame), Momo Asakura (Witchcraft Works’ Rin Kazari), and Shiina Natsukawa (Aldnoah.Zero’s Lemrina Vers Allusia), will be performing the OP song titled Cobalt. This will also serve as the trio’s second single and will be released on 19 August. Sora Amamiya will also be part of the main voice cast as she voices Iris Shirasaki in the anime.


Meanwhile, the beloved J-pop duo known as ClariS will be having their second AniSong since Alice left the group to focus on her studies and was replaced by Karen. This new song will be titled Anemone and will serve as the ED song for Classroom Crisis. Here is the new character visual for the mysterious duo, whose real names and real looks are still a mystery even to their most avid fans.


Classroom Crisis will premiere this 3 July 2015 and will follow the everyday struggles of students who are also trying to work hard and earn a salary.

classroom crisis2