In this week’s broadcast of ufotable’s Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV), Type-Moon introduced a new TV ad for their upcoming smartphone RPG, Fate/ Grand Order. The sixth new servant revealed to join the game is the powerful Berserker class.

Standing at over three meters in height, this powerful Berserker is voiced by Kunihiko Yasui (Ninja Resurrection’s Yui Shosetsu) and designed by PFALZ, who previously designed the magical seals for Fate/ Prototype. The video suggests that this gigantic Berserker is also a king, though many fans have other theories as well, with some suggesting that he is an Egyptian hero, while others suggest he is the giant, Goliath because of his massive size and the mark in the center of his forehead may suggest that it is the stone King David used to beat him. Others theorize that he is Darius the Great or even the gigantic Indian king, Porus, who was defeated by Rider (Alexander the Great) in battle, though in the end, they are still only fan theories.

20150523224249360s Bersrker

He will be the sixth new servant joining the game following LancerSaber, Assassin, Rider, and Caster. This also leaves only the new Archer to be introduced, and that reveal is expected to happen in next week’s Fate/ Stay Night episode.

Fate/Stay Night co-creator Kinoko Nasu will be writing the game’s scenario, and according to the man himself, Fate/ Grand Order aims to help spread the Fate series to a more mainstream audience through smartphone gaming. It is scheduled for release for iOS and Android phones this summer 2015.

We will keep everyone update as more details about the game gets announced in the upcoming days.