The rainy season has started in Japan, and for its new update, which was implemented last 29 May, the developers of the popular PC game, Kantai Collection, have added a few rainy day tweaks as well as the Kai Ni (second remodel) treatment for the Akatsuki-class destroyer, Akatsuki.


Akatsuki, who is known to be quite the lady and is very elephant… I mean elegant, can be remodeled into her Kai Ni version at level 70, where she will get one of her historical counterpart’s most famous equipment – a search light, which also led to her demise at the naval battle of Guadalcanal where she was sunk at the infamous Iron Bottom Sound. Akatsuki will be the second ship in her class to get the Kai Ni, after Hibiki, who becomes the Russian destroyer, Verniy when she get her second remodel.


And speaking of searchlights, the update also introduces a new searchlight called the Type 96 150cm Searchlight. The update also added new quests which require the involvement of Loli Destroyer Division 6, which is comprised of Akatsuki, Hibiki, Ikazuchi, and Inazuma.


New rainy day CGs have also been added for the light carrier Shouhou and the Shiratsuyu-class destroyer, Murasame.

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And finally, the update has enlarged the album to log the newer ships and equipment added to the game, as well as having an equipment filter for admirals to sort out their equipment even better.