Welcome to the first May edition of Hige’s Akiba! It’s the start of the long Golden Week weekend here, and already there’s so many people roaming around Akihabara today! Let’s see what’s interesting around town today! Around the Tamashii Nations showcase, there’s been quite a few new attractions and I personally like one in particular. Here’s the Robot Damashi x KA Signature Penelope from Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash!


Its pretty monstrous in size! There’s a version with and one without the signature Katoki markings on them. Of course, the big Minovsky Drive unit can be removed as well to display the Penelope in its Odysseus Gundam form as well. Ranging at around 24,000 yen, it sure is an expensive figure. I’d like to get it if I had that sort of money ^^;