Bandai’s latest Armor Girls Project (A.G.P.) figure has been announced, and it’s none other than the mighty fast battleship, Kongou. She is in her Kai Ni (second remodel) form, which features her powerful 35.6cm big guns in all their glory.

kongou-kai2_sashikae_007 kongou-kai2_003

Kantai Collection’s “Kongou onee-sama” features plenty of articulation within the figure itself and her armament, which can move its hull to form a shield. She is also articulated enough to recreate Kongou’s “sitting position” which she is usually featured in when she gets damaged in the original PC browser game. And yes, she can also do her “Burning Love” pose, though don’t expect this figure to be as loud and hyperactive as the real one.

And because Kongou has English roots, she does love tea time, so she comes with a cup of tea as well. Tea time!


A.G.P. Kongou Kai Ni is scheduled for release this October 2015 and pre-orders will begin on 29 May. She will cost 12,000 yen and will come with a character-dedicated pedestal set which can hold up this battleships big guns. Now let’s all say it – Burniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing Looooooooooove!

source: Dengeki Hobby