Moso Calibration 3rd One Man Live at Akasaka Blitz, 15 May 2015

Moso Calibration‘s 3rd one man live at Akasaka Blitz titled “Moso Calibration LIVE 2015 Moso Fantasia in Akasaka Blitz” was held on 15 May 2015. About 1200 Moso Zoku (the term for Moso Calibration’s fans) were at Akasaka Blitz to watch it live. Fans who were unable to get tickets to watch it live were treated to a free live screening on Nico Nico Douga.

You can read more about Moso Calibration here.

Moso Calibration’s first one man live was held exactly one year ago, on 15 May 2015 at Shibuya WWW which had a capacity of 400 people. Their second one man live was held on 27 Nov 2014 at Tokyo Kinema Club which had a max capacity of 600 standing and 120 seated. Their third and latest one man live, held at Akasaka Blitz which had an all-standing capacity of 1298 across their two floors. They have made a huge progression from a 400 capacity venue to an almost 1300 capacity venue within a year! That’s a growth of three times!


Their upcoming plans were also announced at their 3rd one man live. Moso Calibration will be going on their first ever Japan tour starting November 2015, with more details to be announced in the future. On top of that, they will also be holding their 4th  one man live on New Year’s Day 2016 at Zepp Tokyo! Zepp Tokyo has a capacity of 2709. The announcements made at their 3rd one man live holds great significance for the growth of Moso Calibration. Firstly, it proves their growth potential by doubling the capacity of their next one man live and most importantly, holding it on a public holiday. It also shows that they have fans not only in Tokyo, but other parts of Japan as well and they will reach out to them through their live tour in November. Like their ‘elder sister’ group,, they have progressed from performing solo at Dear Stage to larger venues such as Akasaka Blitz and soon, Zepp Tokyo. You might be interested in reading about the growth of in this article, and maybe compare it to Moso Calibration’s growth.

New Songs, New Costumes

An add-on to their Mahou no Juice costume, a jacket

Moso Calibration’s 3rd one man live also saw the début of an add-on to their latest costume, a jacket! It is not very often (or maybe never) that you see add-ons to an idol group’s existing costumes. They wore the jacket for two and a half songs before they took it off and bare their midriff with their latest costume first introduced in the MV of their latest single, Mahou no Juice. Not forgetting the uniqueness of their latest costume, the blinking of the embed LED lights in their skirts were made to synchronise with the beats of their latest single, Mahou no Juice. You can read more about their costume, the Hikaru Skirthere.

The Hikaru Skirt
Usa and Yumeko performing “Koufuku Kekkai”

Two unit songs were also introduced. First up was a cool piece sung by Usa Sakurano and Yumeko Mizuki titled “Koufuku Kekkai“. Followed by a more bright and fun song by a unit formed by the rest of the members, Nae Futaba, Nia Hoshino, Mahiru Kurumizawa and Iori Amamiya, titled “Kimi wo Clap your Hands!” Both units were received with much surprise by their fans. I was surprised too while watching the live stream on Nico Nico Douga.

Kimi wo Clap your Hands!

An Interesting Thing about Moso Calibration’s One Man Lives

Moso Story

A staple of Moso Calibration’s one man lives, and maybe the most hilarious part of their one man lives is the Moso Story segment. This segment has played host to three hilarious skits put up by the members for the past three one man lives. This time, the skit is about magic, school, club and girls. The girls are part of a club in a fictional magic school, Akasaka Mahou Gakuen. Nia Hoshino plays a character that just joined the club, with the other members as seniors in the club. Nia was made to play a game similar to baseball with a twist. Yumeko Mizuki took on the role of a Ru-bo (ボール bo-ru or ball in reverse). Iori Amamiya is the ball case as seen in the above picture. While the senior club members were reciting terms used in the game they are playing, they suddenly started chanting. This chant summoned Nae Futaba who was acting as a demon. The demon demanded a sacrifice and Yumeko was picked to be it, twice. Suddenly all the members started singing the school song to much laughter from the audience.

Yumeko the sacrifice.

Their Future

Singing only 14 songs at their first one man live, and moving on to 18 at their second and 18 again at their latest one man live (with an unperformed song). They have progressed to venues with a maximum capacity of 400 to a venue that holds more than three times that in their latest. They will double that number at their next one man live, which I believe many are looking forward too. Maybe performing at Nippon Budoukan will just be a matter of time.