Attack on Titan fans rejoice, because the titans are coming to Singapore this August, as Encore Films is bringing one of Japan’s most highly anticipated live-action 3D-CG movies of 2015 into the country. Here is the Singapore-release trailer:

Encore Films has also unveiled the Singaporean posters for the first live-action Attack on Titan movie, which will premiere on 13 August 2015. The new posters include the costume visuals for Eren (played by Haruma Miura), Mikasa (played by Kiko Mizuhara), and that controversial character visual for Hans/ Hanji Zoe (played by Satomi Ishihara), which shows her holding an RPG launcher. Also featured is the Singaporean version of the new Japanese poster visual which we revealed in a previous article.

AOT - eren character poster compressed AOT - hans character poster compressed AOT - mikasa character poster compressed 11233590_860873367281958_7435935461749591325_o


When the man-eating giants called Titans first appeared, humans retreated behind massive walls. After a hundred years of safety, a colossal-sized Titan smashes through the defences, unleashing a flood of giants and carnage in the streets. Eren Jaeger watches helplessly as one of the creatures devours his mother.

He vows to kill every Titan walking the earth.

Eren and his surviving friends enlist to fight against the insatiable monsters. The future looks bleak, but there’s more to Eren than meets the eye: he may be humanity’s last hope against extinction.

The movie will be available in Japanese with both English and Chinese subtitles and shown at various Golden Village cinemas across Singapore.