Since 2005, Perfume has been one of Japan’s most influential and most well known musical groups, and 10 years on, they are still going strong and now one of Japan’s most sought-after artistes. They have performed not only in Japan, but also in other parts of the globe like Singapore and South Korea.


To celebrate 10 years of their music, their official youtube channel has started streaming a new “history” video which takes a look back in their career as Perfume and shows their evolution from industry newbies to one of Japan’s most iconic girl groups.

The video presents a timeline of their songs, which include their national debut single, “Linear Motor Girl”, which was released back in 2005!


And speaking of Perfume’s 10th anniversary, fans can leave Nocchi, Kashiyuka, and A-chan a special message via facebook and twitter. These messages will then be posted in the “Perfume Tree”, which celebrates the girl group’s 10th anniversary. Fans can send them messages, or read other messages from other fans, through this link:

The trio has also recently released a new single titled Relax in the City/ Pick Me Up, which went on sale last 29 April.


The group actually made their local debut in Hiroshima back in 2001, however, 2005 marked their national debut, which thrust them into a wider and more diverse audience. The trio also celebrated the 10th anniversary of their national debut with a special message to the fans.