When it comes to robotics, Japan is one of the countries at its forefront, and now, a college student from Japan’s Kwansei Gakuin University is attempting to do what has never been done before – a Hatsune Miku robot.


This robot Miku aims to bring the virtual diva to life as it features a built-in camera which can read the operator’s expressions, as well as various functions to make her be able to express herself through 3D expressions. Her face is a transparent screen which is designed to project those expressions. And since this Robot is Miku, she can sing as well! By humming something on her built-in microphone and inputting lyrics through a keyboard, operators can activate her singing function. Meanwhile, a motor around her neck allows the Miku robot to move her head around.

The robot is currently being built by 23-year old Kwansei Gakuin University student, Takuma Takemoto, a long-time Miku fan who built the robot because he just “wanted to see Miku in the real world”. He also said that in the future, he hopes he can make this Hatsune Miku robot be able to dance.

He hopes that he can help advance technology with this project and make even more robots from virtual characters from the 2D world, which means that we could see many of your 2D waifus become robots as well.

Source: Sankei news