Kyoto Animation, or KyoAni for short, is one of the most famous animation studios in Japan and is responsible for popular anime titles like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Free!, K-On!, Tamako Market, Beyond the Boundary (Kyoukai no Kanata), and the Chuunibyou series.


Previously, they did not have an official twitter account that allowed them to connect with fans. However, that has now changed with the launch of the official KyoAni twitter page.

This newly-launched official twitter page, , aims to provide updates from the studio, such as new anime announcements, event announcements, new products, and many others. Their first order of business is announcing a new Kyoto Animation event scheduled for autumn 2015, which will be held at the Miyako Messe Hall in (of course) Kyoto, from 31 October until 1 November. The event is called Animation DO and its official website has also been launched. More information about this new event will be made in the days to come.

source: Yaraon!