Gundam is without a doubt one of Japan’s most recognizable anime and plastic model franchises, and it’s life-size (1:1 scale) RX-78-2 Gundam in Odaiba, Tokyo is one of the man-made island’s most famous tourist destinations. And with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics rolling up in five years, the new Tokyo Gundam Project 2015 aims to promote Japanese culture, customs, and traditions, to the rest of the world as part of Japan’s build-up to the global sporting event.


Diver City Tokyo Plaza, which is the home to both Gundam Fronto Tokyo and the 1:1 scale Gundam, will be hosting an international exchange event this 17 May called the Tokyo Gundam Project – Tokyo Meeting. For this event, several high school students will demonstrate several aspects of Japanese culture, which include tea ceremonies, caligraphy, traditional taiko drumming, singing, and dancing.

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These aspects of traditional Japanese culture will be demonstrated near the life-size Gundam itself, and will be held starting 1:00 in the afternoon JST. This will be the first of two events planned for this year, with the second one scheduled for September and will include a garbage clean-up and a torch relay as part of the Olympic build-up. Since this is to promote Japan’s traditions to visitors, the event is absolutely free so if you are ever in Tokyo by this time, why not drop by Odaiba?

source: animeanime