Last Sunday (03 May 1015), seiyuu Kana Hanazawa (OreImo’s Kuroneko, IS: Infinite Stratos’s Charlotte Dunois, and Monogatari’s Nadeko Sengoku) has accomplished something a lot of Japanese artistes can only dream of doing, and that is holding a concert at the prestigeous Nippon Budoukan

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The Budoukan concert is just the first stop in her “Blue Avenue” concert, which takes its inspiration from the city of New York. This very concert is also the realization of her dream to sing at the Budoukan stage for her own solo concert.


Kana Hanazawa greeted the crowd with her opening number, I ♥ NEW DAY!, which she performed with the band Destionations. She then performed the second song of the night, Hohoemi Mode, to the delight of the crowd before performing her most recent single, Kimi ga Inakucha Dame Nanda.


She then greeted the crowd and said that she is happy finally getting to perform at the Budoukan. She then told the crowd that she “resembles a runway stage in Blue Avenue” before performing her fourth song, Cocytus.


After changing into a gold costume, she performed CALL ME EVERYDAY before performing Aoi Tori and then Mujaki Na Kimi To Manatsu No Melody and Spanish Apartment.


After introducing the band members and singing one of them a birthday song, she then talked about New York city, which severed as the inspiration for her album. She also talked about tap dancing and Billy Joel being inspiration for her as well. She then performed Blue Avenue, Trace, and then Shape of My Heart.


After yet another costume change, she then performed several songs from her album, 25, including 25 Hours a Day. She then performed Merry Go Round and then talked about her first three years as a seiyuu. When she was taking a look back at those times, things got a little bit emotional as some fans had tears in their eyes.


After the crowd chanted for an encore, she changed costume once again, but once she reappeared, Kana Hanazawa surprised the crowd by singing Renai Circulation, which is one of the OP songs for Bakemonogatari and the character song for her character, Sengoku Nadeko.

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After the Nippon Budoukan, the ever-busy seiyuu will be heading to Fukuoka’s Fukuoka Civic Hall Great Hall on 6 June for the second leg of her concert tour. She will then head to Osaka’s Grand Cube Osaka on 14 June before heading to Nagoya’s NTK Hall on 20 June. Her final stop will be at Sendai’s Izumity 21 Great Hall on 12 July. The tickets for these concerts cost 7,344 yen.

source: Moca News