In her own personal blog, seiyuu Yuka Saitou, best known for voicing Chizuru Akaba in The Student Council’s Discretion (Seitokai no Ichizon), has announced her marriage to fellow seiyuu, Takeshi Kusao, best known for voicing Trunks in Dragon Ball Z.


Both Saitou and Kusao work for Aoni Production, with Saitou describing her new husband as playful and has a big heart. She said that Takeshi Kusao always took care of her, and mentioned that she also respects him as a fellow seiyuu. She shared that both of them will continue in their work as seiyuus despite getting married, so it’s a good news for their fans.

The two also worked together in the Samurai Warriors games, as well as the anime adaptation, with both even voicing the same character as Yuka Saitou voiced the younger version of Sanada Yukimura while Takeshi Kusao voiced his adult version. Saitou is also voicing Ii Naotora in the video game. The two make a great couple, don’t you guys think so?

Yukimura-sw4 Naotora-sw4

To Yuka Saitou and Takeshi Kusao, we would like to wish them good luck and a happy and fruitful marriage!