The bi-annual anime event in Tokushima, Japan known as Machi Asobi, often starts off with several honorary station masters (who are often seiyuus) greeting passengers as they board or get off from trains arriving or departing from Tokushima Station. For this spring 2015 edition of the event, the ones chosen to be the station masters are three of the seven main cast members for Wake Up, Girls! plus two others


WUG members, Mayu Yoshioka (Mayu Shimada), Kaya Okuno (Kaya Kikuma), and Nanami Yamashita (Nanami Hisami), along with Marika Kouno (Show By Rock’s Shibarin) and rookie seiyuu, Yuri Ehara, who previously appeared as Sawa in ufotable’s Ohenro ~Hachi Hachi Aruki~ anime, were given honorary sashes and caps as they greeted commuters.


They also waved goodbye to some of the trains which exited Tokushima station.


The five seiyuus also visited the offices of the train station’s management office where many fans were eagerly awaiting their arrival. They later greeted the fans who seemed very happy that they were the ones chosen to be this event’s station masters.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony to signify the start of Machi Asobi, the five girls were later joined by ufotable’s Hikaru Kondo and veteran seiyuu, Eriko Nakamura (The [email protected]’s Haruka Amami), who was appointed Tokushima’s anime ambassador.

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Known as Machi Asobi Vol. 14, this spring edition to the bi-annual anime event started off last 3 May and ended on 5 May. Several other seiyuus who recieved the honor of being Tokushima’s station master for the event include Sora Tokui (Love Live!’s Nico Yazawa) and Eriko Nakamura herself.

sources: Dengeki Online and Gigazine