Neon Genesis Evangelion takes place in 2015, and on this particular day 22 June 2015, is when the anime’s very first episode takes place. In this episode the Third Angel Sachiel attacks, and Shinji Ikari is forced by his father, Gendou Ikari, to get inside Eva-01 to fight the Third Angel. In an ironic twist, it takes place right after Father’s Day, which was yesterday, and it cements Gendou as the “World’s Greatest Dad”.


Shinji Ikari’s seiyuu, Megumi Ogata (who also voices Kurama in Yu Yu Hakushou and Yugi in Yu-Gi-Oh!), has taken to twitter and joked about it. In her tweet, the female seiyuu best known for voicing guys in the 90’s said that she was calling Misato when the third angel attacked. Misato rescued her with her car and made their way to the NERV Base where she met her dad for the first time in years… until he forces her to “Get in the Robot” and fight the Third Angel.


She’s even urging people to go to Hakone today to “witness history”. Hakone of course is the site for Tokyo-3, where NERV’s base of operations is located, and that is also where Shinji pilots Eva-01 for the first time in order to take on the Third Angel

Mangaka Kousuke Fujishima, best known for creating classics like Oh! My Goddess and You’re Under Arrest, has also joined in and tweeted that tomorrow (he tweeted it yesterday), “Shinji-kun will ride the Eva-01”.

Neon Genesis Evangelion premiered in the October of 1995, which is almost 20 years ago, and when it premiered, it changed the landscape of the anime industry in its entirety. The anime became both a financial and critical success and launching its director, Hideaki Anno, to stardom in the anime industry. The series remains popular today and even rivals the Gundam and Macross franchises in terms of popularity in the mecha genre.

source: NLab