The official website to one of this year’s most highly anticipated anime, Aria the Avvenire, has been updated. It reveals a new key visual image which features the anime’s original cast of characters along with a couple of new ones to be introduced in this new anime.


The visual shows some of the familiar Aria characters who will be returning for Aria the Avvenire, along with the two new characters, Azusa B. McLaren and Anya Dostoyevskaya. Both Azusa and Anya are designed by series creator, Kozue Amano himself.

Azusa B. McLaren is Aika’s kouhai and a single undine and is described as brave with great self confidence


Anya Dostoyevskaya, meanwhile is Alice’s Kouhai and often works together with Azusa. She is described as calm and gentle, though she often blurts out that she’s from Siberia to the people she meets.


The Aria the Avvenire website also announced that the Kozue Amano will be making a new manga chapter, and this will be the basis for its third episode. The anime will comprise of three episodes, with the first one premiering in a special screening this 26 September. The first episode will be titled “Sono Aitakatta Anata ni…”, the second is titled “Sono Atataka na Sayonara wa…”, and the final episode is titled “Sono Harukanaru Mirai e…”.

With the same cast as the previous series, we can look forward to hearing Aika’s trademark “Embarrassing remarks are banned” and Akari’s replies of “Eeeh”. However, one of the worrying questions I am sure many fans will have is the role of Athena Glory whose seiyuu, Tomoko Kawakami has passed away in 2011, as the cast has remained unchanged since the last season. You can watch the new PV for the anime here

source: Aria official