During the Dai-2-kai Shoka no Nagarekawa Matsuri special event for the idol anime, Locodol (Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Locodol Yattemita), it was announced on stage that the anime will be getting itself an OVA. In addition, this OVA will act as the direct sequel for the fluffy and funny idol anime, which surprised many in Japan with its popularity.


The anime, which was described as “Love Live! meets Non Non Biyori”, may not have become as mainstream as other idol anime like iDOLM@STER, Love Live!, and even Wake Up, Girls, but the anime has become successful in gaining the hearts of many fans, enough to gain a very strong cult following. The serie’s mascot, Uogukoro-kun even participated in the Yuru-Chara Grand Prix for mascots. More announcements about the new OVA will be made in the future.

The event also announced more good news for the anime as Nagareyama City, which the anime’s setting is based on, has announced that the anime’s local idol (Locodol) unit known as the Nagarekawa Girls, made up of Yukari Kohinata (CV: Sachika Misawa) and Nanako Usami (CV: Miku Itou), as well as their mascot, Uogukoro-kun, are now the city’s official tourism concierge. The girls, together with Uogokoro-kun, will be promoting the city, as well as Chiba Prefecture to tourists.


The event also announced that the Nagarekawa Girls will be launching not one, but two mini-albums, both of which will be released this 29 July. Meanwhile, the manga’s fourth volume will be released this 22 July, and the limited edition version will come bundled with a drama CD, written by series creator, Koutarou Kosugi himself.

source: Animate