With its 28 August premiere fast approaching, the character designs for the upcoming Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie have finally been revealed, and they feature a new character who missed the Inter-High thereby not making an appearance in the anime. However, in the movie, he will certainly spell trouble for Sohoku’s cyclists


The new character is named Shin Yoshimoto, and he is the true ace of Kumamoto Daiichi High School, who missed the Inter-High competition due to injury. He will be voiced by none other than Mamoru Miyano (Steins; Gate’s Rintarou Okabe and Free!’s Rin Matsuoka).

news_xlarge_gekijo_yoshimoto_body news_xlarge_gekijo_yoshimoto_face

Here are the Kyoto Fushimi, Hiroshima Kureminami, and Kumamoto Daiichi characters returning from the TV anime, including Shin Yoshimoto’s Kumamoto Daiichi teammate, Yoshiaki Taura, as well as Kyoto Sushimi’s Akira Midousuji, who mysteriously isn’t presented wearing his team’s jersey… hmmmmm…

Yoshiaki Taura

news_xlarge_gekijo_taura_body news_xlarge_gekijo_taura_face

Akira Midousuji

news_xlarge_gekijo_midousuji_body news_xlarge_gekijo_midousuji_face

Koutarou Ishigaki

news_xlarge_gekijo_ishigaki_body news_xlarge_gekijo_ishigaki_face

Nobuyuki Mizuta

news_xlarge_gekijo_mizuta_body news_xlarge_gekijo_mizuta_face

Eikichi Machiyama

news_xlarge_gekijo_machimiya_body news_xlarge_gekijo_machimiya_face

Ryou Ibitani

news_xlarge_gekijo_ibitani_body news_xlarge_gekijo_ibitani_face

The movie will be set after the grueling Inter-High race where Team Sohoku gets invited to a new race in Kumamoto’s Mt. Aso where their rivals, including the powerhouse Hakone Academy, are waiting for them. This will also be the “Final Race” for the third years of Team Sohoku

source: Comic Natalie