The official website for the 6-part Digimon 15th anniversary anime, Digimon Adventure Tri., has been updated once again. It features the new character visuals for the eight original Chosen Children, who will be returning for the new anime movie series.


The “Original Eight” sport new character designs by Cencoroll’s Atsuya Uki, which have certainly drawn mixed reactions from fans who are greatly divided on whether they should love them or hate them.

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The anime will feature a different cast of seiyuus to voice the “Original Eight”, however, the original seiyuus for the original eight partner Digimon will be reprising their roles. Jormungand and Date-A-Live II director,  Keitaro Motonaga, will be directing the new movies over at Toei Animation Studios.

The series will also see the return of Kouji Wada who will perform a new rendition of the opening song “Butter-Fly”, as well as  Ayumi Miyazaki who will also perform a new rendition of the insert song, “Brave Heart”. Originally planned to be a TV anime which was supposed to premiere last April, the first part of Digimon Adventure Tri. will be making its long-awaited premiere this 21 November 2015.

source: Crunchyroll