The seiyuu behind the voices of Fairy Tail’s Mirajane Strauss, Minami-Ke’s Atsuko, and To Heart 2’s Sasara Kusugawa, Ryoko Ono, has announced in her own personal blog that she is now happily married to a man that she’s known “for a long time”. Here she is cosplaying her character from Mashiroiro Symphony character, Airi Sena

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Ono also said that “a little life is living in my belly right now”, which means that she’s pregnant and said that she is now spending her days nurturing this new and “irreplaceable” life.

This sudden announcement has shocked many of her fans. However, she assured them that she wants to continue working as a seiyuu and said that it was her physical health which led her to announcing both her marriage and pregnancy. She has said that she has been experiencing morning sickness these past few days, however, her condition is already stable now.

To Ryoko Ono, we would like to wish you happiness in your marriage and also wish you luck in raising your baby