The 9-member school idol group from Love Live!, μ’s, makes history as they have broken an almost 5-year drought for anime groups by topping the Oricon weekly album sales charts. Their μ’s Best Album Best Live Collection II had sold approximately 85,000 copies to win the top spot.


The last time this has happened was in 2010 when K-On!’s Ho-Kago Tea Time (HTT) topped the weekly charts with their Ho-Kago Tea Time II album. This will also be the first time Love Live! has won the honor.

HTT has actually topped the weekly charts not once, but twice, as they became the first anime group to ever top the Oricon album sales charts back in 2009 with HTT’s first album. The Love Live! win certainly makes history as their μ’s Best Album Best Live Collection II becomes only the third album by an anime group to top the charts.

The μ’s Best Album Best Live Collection II also makes history as this is the highest achievement for the school idols in the weekly charts. Before the win, their highest achievement was only in 8th place with Love Live! Solo Live! collection Memorial Box II back in April 2014.

source: Mantan