Image by Twitter user @via_lactea77

At the recent Sakae Cosplay Festival in Japan, there was a wide variety of amazing cosplayers, but a certain cosplayer has garnered much attention from netizens for her amazing portrayal of the Love Live! character, Koizumi Hanayo.

The cosplayer, Nikyuu Ayato (Twitter handle @nikukyu_s), was photographed as this event and have caused a slight explosions in retweets with how much she resembles Hanayo. Using words to describe how amazing she looks will not give her justice, so here are several pictures from various photographers at the event.

From the mass influx of retweets as well as the photos being spread to 2Ch, her twitter followers has increased drastically. The morning that I first found out about this cosplayer, she had around 7,000 followers but that number had erupted to 12,000 by the evening and by midnight, she has nearly 21,000 followers right now. With her cute smile and the innocence that just screams “Hanayo”, it’s no wonder everyone is amazed by her.