It’s almost a week to one of Singapore’s newest Japanese Pop Culture event, Chara Expo! If you still have not heard of Chara Expo or what to expect from this exciting new event, read on and find out more!

Chara Expo will be held from 20th to 21st June 2015 at the Singapore Expo, Hall 7. With such a big event space, you can expect lots of awesome content. Companies such as Nitro+, Bushiroad and Aniplex will be bringing their content down so make sure to prepare yourself upcoming damage to your wallets.

Nitro+ will be bringing along their popular game, Touken Ranbu-ONLINE-, the massively popular online game about training swords which I am sure some of you are playing right now! Don’t miss out the chance to get your hands on official merchandise, such as tapestries and t-shirts, of your favourite sword boys. Frontwing, the visual novel company will be featuring GRISAIA at the stage events as well as organising autograph sessions. VisualArt’s will be working with Key and will be presenting special exclusive goods as well. With so many event exclusive goods, attendees will be spoilt for choice.

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Livers, don’t worry, you guys have not been forgotten! Bushiroad and Xarts will be bringing you all the good stuff. Bushiroad will be bringing you a wide variety of goods including the Love Live! School Idol Festival jerseys which were just sold at a recent event in Japan. Xarts on the other hand will have limited goods from the Kanda Matsuri x Love Live collaboration.


Plus, Bushiroad will also be holding the Bushiroad Spring Fest. This is a trading card tournament that features several card games, such as Buddy Fight, Weiss Schwarz, Chaos TCG and Cardfight!! Vanguard. There will  be events for both experienced players as well as newbies, and just by participating, you will receive participation prizes! So if you want to pit your decks against others, do participate in the Bushiroad Spring Fest and see what you can win!


Aniplex has their own share of goods, featuring hit anime such as Sword Art Online, Fate/stay night [Unlimited Blade Works] and Puella Magi Madoka. You will be able to get t-shirts, tapestries and more at their booth.

Are you a fan of cosplay and a cosplayer yourself? You must check out the CharaExpo 2015 Cos☆Stage. Here you will be able to see the best of Singapore’s cosplay and the grand prize will be an all paid trip to the Tokyo Game Show 2015 Cosplay Collection Night! Plus, you will be able to catch the special guests, Tatsumi Inui, Sin Izumi and KANAME☆ judging the competition.


If relaxing at events and buying goods isn’t your cup of tea. How about going for New Japan Pro-Wrestling stages to catch professional wrestlers from Japan brawl it out in exclusive live matches! You don’t get much chances to see live wrestling matches here in Singapore after all, so this will definitely be an eye-opener!

There is still a lot more that you can see and do at this year’s Chara Expo so take your time to explore the wide event space! Do check out the next post on the various stage events!