The Live Spectacle Naruto is due to premier in Singapore this coming weekend! AFA Channel had the opportunity to interview one of the key cast members, Koudai Matsuoka, whom is performing as Uzumaki Naruto in the musical extravaganza!

So lets find out more about Matsuoka-san and his feelings about playing such an iconic anime/manga character:

Is this your first time in Singapore? What was your first impression before coming here?

I only knew about the Merlion. I don’t really know much about anything else like the food.

How did you come across Naruto? 

After successfully going through the audition and getting the role, I went to catch up on the manga series and tried to understand who “Naruto” was as a protagonist in the story. I also had a discussion with the screenwriter and director on how to better portray Naruto.

So while studying to be Naruto, was there anything that the character taught you?

I feel that Naruto has taught me about the importance of relationships. And friends are to be treasured, especially the bonds between people, regardless small or big, are all important. Also, while the words in the manga can be very straight-forward, it is able to move people. It’s something only the Naruto’s mangaka, Masashi Kishimoto, can do.

How did you feel when you wore the costume for Naruto the first time? 

Well I kept my eyes closed the whole time, when I was putting it on. But when I finally opened my eyes, the first thing I thought was “Wow, Naruto is here”. The costume is really detailed, and it resembles the manga so much that it was amazing.

What do you think is the main difference of Naruto as an anime/manga compared to as a theatre performance?

It is near impossible to adapt from the manga series, but we definitely do our best on stage to go beyond our limits and bring the characters to life.

What is a ninjutsu from Naruto that you would like to have?

Shadow clones. This way when I’m busy, the clones will help out with my work.

How does it feel like bringing the play out of Japan?

I know that Naruto has fans all over the world, and seeing the many cosplayers makes me really happy.

Singapore is known as a food paradise and Naruto loves eating. Is there anything you feel Naruto would like to eat?

I tried Chili Crab yesterday and it was really tasty. So I guess Naruto will probably like that as well, maybe also chicken rice, although he eats anything.

Finally, a message to your fans.

I am honored to play the role of Naruto and I know that is loved by everyone all over the world. I want to match this love and do my best. Please enjoy the show!

Thank you very much and may you have a successful show!

Live Spectacle Naruto will be having four shows over two days at the Resorts WorldTM Theatre, Sentosa, so grab your tickets from sistic now!