In Japan, omelettes and ketchup go hand-in-hand. Japanese ketchup maker Kagome, has revealed their very cute Pokemon campaign featuring the lovable Pikachu, where they have developed a step-by-step guide so everyone can learn how to draw the electric mouse Pokemon on top of an omelette by using their ketchup squeeze bottle.


According to the instructions, you should start with the chin, and then the ears before placing the eyes and then the mouth. The 5th step adds Pikachu’s electrifying cheeks while the last three steps add a few details. Now wouldn’t that cheer up any breakfast?


The new instructions are all part of Kagome’s new Pikachu Loves Ketchup campaign where fans can win prizes by purchasing some of their ketchup products. By exchanging a proof-of-purchase, fans can get tickets to enter a lottery which can win them various prizes which include a Pikachu plushie (holding a ketchup bottle of course) and a Pikachi omelette plate. 1,000 of each of these two items will be given away in the lottery

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Kagome will also be giving away one of four Pikachu ketchup bottle toppers to everyone who participates in the lottery. The Pikachu topper designs are given away at random, so fans cannot choose which ones they receive

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The promo period for entering the lottery started last 1 June and will end on 31 August 2015.

source: Inside Games