We have a new Archer, and this new one was announced via a new TV ad during the broadcast of Fate/ Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (TV). This new Archer-class servant is announced to be voiced by Nobunaga Shimazaki (Free!’s Haruka Nanase and Date A Live’s Shidou Itsuka) and designed by Rental Magica character designer, PAKO.

This new dark-skinned Archer will be the seventh new servant joining Type-Moon’s Fate/ Grand Order smartphone RPG after BerserkerLancerSaber, Assassin, Rider, and Caster. Because of his dark skin and costume, fans have theorized that this new Archer is Arjuna, one of India’s greatest bowmen who has defeated Karna, Bhishma and Drona in combat.

20150530_archer01_resize 20150530_archer02_resize

Fate/Stay Night co-creator Kinoko Nasu will be writing the game’s scenario, and according to the man himself, Fate/ Grand Order aims to help spread the Fate series to a more mainstream audience through smartphone gaming. It is scheduled for release for iOS and Android phones this summer 2015.