The Love Live! School Idol Festival mobile game by KLab is probably one of the most successful Japanese rhythm games made for smartphones. The game has reached yet another important milestone as it reaches its 10 million user mark, just only one month after it surpassed its 9 million user mark.


To celebrate this momentous landmark, KLab organized a special event called the “School Fes Kanshasai 2015”, which was held over at Sunshine Plaza in Ikebukuro, and boy did people really turn up! Thousands of fans turned up for the event, and that’s only a small fraction of the game’s total users.

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Now that’s what you call a sea of humanity! According to the game’s official twitter page, @lovelive_SIF, 18,654 visitors flocked to Sunshine City, and that’s just the first day! 

The twitter page also posted some goodies given away or put on sale during the event, which also featured a few displays involving the nine school idols and a couple of lovable alpacas.


A whole lot of promotion was given for the event, which also advertised the upcoming Love Live! School Idol Movie


source: Yaraon!