Pokemon, whether it be the anime we watched as kids back in the 90’s or the classic video games when Gameboys were still a thing, remains as fond memories from our childhood. Bandai is invoking that sense of nostalgia with their latest High Grade Real Figure line with the addition of the Pewter City gym leader and Pokemon breeder, Brock (Takeshi in the Japanese version).


The figure invoke’s Brock’s original pose in the Red and Blue Pokemon games as the mighty Rock gym leader of Pewter City.


Bandai is also currently displaying the figure over at their Tokyo Toy Show booth together with his beloved Onix, though his gigantic Rock Snake Pokemon might not be coming with the figure.


Yeah, Brock was a badass back then and not the Cassanova wannabe we know today. Bandai has also went all-out with this figure’s product page as it certainly has that Red and Blue appeal together with that nostalgic Pokemon gym leader theme which hits you right in the childhood. You can check it out here


Premium Bandai is accepting pre-orders until 31 August 2015 and the figure is slated to ship out on November 2015. The figure measures in at 12cm and will cost 3,456 yen

Toy Show image via @T_SONOYAMA