Every time Japanese singer, T.M.Revolution steps onto the stage, you can expect female fans to scream with glee the moment they see him. However, for his next concert in Okinawa this August, those familiar female fans would be absent as this concert would be performed for men only!


The male-only concert, titled T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION’ 15 -Strikes Back XI-, will be held at Naha’s Namura Hall in Okinawa, and as advertised, only guys are allowed. Sorry ladies. This however ain’t T.M.R.’s first concert involving an all-male audience as he has previously held a few before. However, the last one was held back in December 2012, which would this one his first male-only concert in two and a half years.

T.M.R. LIVE REVOLUTION’ 15 -Strikes Back XI- will be part of his concert tour to promote his 10th and latest album, TEN, which was released back in May of this year. Another part of this tour will be held in Okinawa’s Okinawa Civic Center on 29 August, the day before his guys-only affair, though thankfully, the ladies are allowed to attend that one.

The musician has been responsible for many unforgettable anisongs, such as the OP for Valvrave titled Preserved Roses, Rurouni Kenshin ED, Heart of Sword, and Gundam SEED OP, Invoke.

source: Music Natalie