Yoshino Nanjo’s solo live concerts have been announced. They will be held in Osaka and Tokyo in September this year. For the concert in Osaka, it will be held on 4 Sep at Namba Hatch, while the Tokyo live will be held on 13 Sep at Toyosu PIT. No title has been announced yet for the solo live concerts.

These live concerts are held in conjunction with the release of her first full album titled 東京 1/3650 or Tokyo 1/3650, which is scheduled to be released on 22 Jul. You can find out more from this previous post. Concert-goers will be able to enjoy the songs from her album performed live at these solo live concerts.

Details for the live concerts will be announced on a later date. Tickets can be obtained from slips which will come with her first album as well as through her official fan club among other methods.

Besides her own solo work, Yoshino Nanjo is also known for being the main vocalist for the duo, fripSide. To date, she has released four singles and a mini-album under for her solo work. The upcoming album will be her first full album. The upcoming solo live concerts will also be the first time that she is holding a solo live in Osaka. She has yet to perform her solo work overseas, but you would have probably seen her as part of fripSide at the I LOVE ANISONG concerts during AFASG 2012 and 2014.