Back in 1988, the Japanese anime movie, Akira, changed the landscape of animation, not only in Japan, but also the world. Akira has inspired many people all over the world, including a Lego builder known as Sariel, who built Kaneda’s iconic red motorbike out of Legos, 1,091 pieces to be exact. He even posted a video of it!

The bike is unique and several specially-made Lego pieces were used to replicate it, with some help from a guidebook made by Arvo Brothers. The specially-made parts used in this bike are limited edition and unfortunately, are no longer in production.

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However, Sariel went a step further as he added a motor to the Akira bike and added a few more tweaks which allowed the Lego model to turn and be controlled via remote. The remote itself is even made of Legos! The whole thing may not be as big as some gigantic Lego masterpieces, but it is a lot bigger than most as it measures 36.8cm

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Now that is skill!

source: Rocket News 24