Japanese seiyuu, Yuu Kobayashi, is well-known for voicing “Potato Girl” Sasha Braus in Attack on Titan. However, her fans are also familiar with her very unique (?) works of art… if they are considered works of art that is.

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Her latest “artwork” features the lovable robot cat from the future, Doraemon, and this is her take on him. And yes, this is really her drawing.


It really looks like Doraemon, right? Right?! I mean, he has that multi-purpose pocket right there! Can you see where it is? I can hear him calling Nobita out now… I think …

Her “unique” artworks have gotten her a lot of attention, and all aren’t for comedic purposes, though they would often end up for that purpose as well. Here is her take on the Colossal Titan.


And here are some of her other artworks which she has done by using what is now being called the “Yuu Kobayashi art style”

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And her drawings even inspired some merchandise, including bags and T-shirts which are being sold as a set for 5,250 yen! OK, this is getting out of hand, can somebody please give Sasha some potatoes already?!


source: Crunchyroll