With its theatrical release date ever drawing closer, the official website for the Date A Live anime adaptation has now been updated, revealing the main visual for their upcoming movie titled Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement.


Mayuri Judgement, which makes its Japanese premiere on 22 August 2015, will feature a new spirit named Mayuri, who will certainly stir things up with Shidou Itsuka’s already complicated and spirit-filled life. The movie will have an original story not featured in the light novels with series creator and author, Koushi Tachibana, writing the scenario himself. Here is the movie’s previous visual which teases the new spirit:


And here’s the previously-released teaser PV:

The website also revealed that the seiyuu unit, Sweet ARMS, which performed the both the OP songs for Date A Live and Date A Live 2, will also be performing the movie’s theme song, which is titled “Invisible Date”. Sweet ARMS is comprised of Iori Nomizu (Date A Live’s Yoshino and Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?’s Haruna), Misuzu Togashi (Date A Live’s Origami Tobiichi and Future Diary’s Yukiteru Amano), Kaori Sadohara (Date A Live’s Tamae Okamine and Uppotte!!’s SG550), and Misato (Date A Live’s Mana Takimiya and Triage X’s Konomi Suzue)

sweet ARMS