Girls und Panzer may be known for being a ground-based anime about tank battles, but they have recently teamed up with Ibaraki Prefecture’s local Coast Guard in regards to this month’s “Oarai Ocean Month” celebrations


Girls und Panzer, whom have been supporters of the Japan Self Defense Force and their home prefecture of Ibaraki, have now teamed up with the Japan Coast Guard. This new collaboration features the lead character, Miho Nishizumi, as well as Oarai Girls’ lovable student council president, Anzu Kadotani, sporting the Japan Coast Guard’s uniforms. The two of them are also featured alongside the coast guard patrol vessel, Akagi

The collaboration aims safe sea movement for private boats, merchant vessels, fishing vessels, among others. It also aims to promote safety at sea for the various maritime leisure activities like swimming and surfing, which Ibaraki Prefecture is also famous for. It also gives out a few safety reminders such as always having a life jacket ready and calling 118, the coast guard’s emergency hotline, in case of emergencies

The collaboration not only promotes safety at sea but also the premiere of the Girls und Panzer movie, which will be released in Japanese theaters this 27 November.

source: Yaraon!