There is a saying that Love Live! fans, also known as Love Livers, are some of the most dedicated fans. And a recently-concluded auction has proven just that.


A reel clipping from the Love Live! School Idol Movie featuring the lovable Nico Yazawa has made one seller go Nico-Nico-Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all the way to the bank after he had auctioned off the item for the final price of 908,000 yen. The sheet only contains three frames, but that much is enough for one buyer to part with so much money. Not bad for an item which only started off with the original bidding price of 5,000 yen.


The auction had a time-limit of 24 hours, and as it was concluded, a total of 435 bids were made, and from the looks of things, it was quite a heated bidding war between a few parties. In the end, looks like the 908,000 yen price was enough to win.

source: Yaraon!