Monster Musume is definitely one of the hottest anime titles this season, and its official website has announced the additional cast members for the other Monster Girls who will be appearing in the anime, including the lovable chuunibyou Dullahan, Lala.

Voicing the Irish fairy with links to death (with the extreme chuunibyou tendencies) is none other than Ai Kakuma, who is best known for her roles as Ruuko Kominato in the Wixoss anime series and Food Wars: Shokugeki no Souma’s Mayumi Kurase. Move over Celty!


Voicing Draco, the deceptive-yet-charming Dragonewt with an interest in other reptillian monster girls but hates humans,  will be voiced by Airi Ootsu, who previously appeared as an extra in Terror in Resonance.


And speaking of human-haters, the nature-loving dryad, Kii, will be voiced by another Wixoss seiyuu, Asami Seto, who voiced Iona/ Yuki in the trading card game anime. She also voiced Chihayafuru’s titular character, Chihaya Ayase.

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Finally, the mischievous devil girl who will be giving huge problems for Darling-kun and the girls, Lilith, will be voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki, who voiced Lisa Mishima in Terror in Resonance and Mayu Arita in Death Parade.


Expect more injuries and emotional harm for poor-old Darling once they make their respective appearances in the anime based on Okayodo’s New York Times bestselling manga, Monster Musume.