There is a new countdown teaser site which has just opened last 3 July, and it has been dubbed G-Tekketsu or Next G. This new teaser site is related to the Gundam franchise and the countdown is set to end on 14 July 2015. The new site is


Aside from the countdown, the site teases the phrase “Next G Coming Soon” and a silhouette of what many believe is the next Gundam to lead a new series. A new twitter page for G-Tekketsu has also been opened, however, like the website itself, it does not reveal much. I guess we would really have to wait until the clock strikes “0” huh?


So what will the countdown bring us when it reaches zero? Who knows? It could either be a new TV anime, an OVA, a new movie, a spin-off, a manga, or anything in between. However, we do know it will end on 14 July so until then, we will have to wait.