The Shounen Jump! anime, World Trigger, has been experiencing relative success and had been on the air since October 2014. As the anime is scheduled for 50 episodes and a one-year run, many fans are wondering what will fill that void once the anime ends in October?


During the “World Trigger Natsu Matsuri 2015” event in Roppongi Hills on 22 July, the answer to that question was answered as a new anime is set to premiere next season and will be replacing the anime. It is tentatively titled Isekai Kara no Toubousha, which means “Fugitives from another world”.


The event featured the anime’s voice cast, Tomo Muranaka (Yuuma Kuga), Yuuki Kaji (Osamu Mikumo), Nao Tamura (Chika Amatori), Nobuhiko Okamoto (Jun Arashiyama), and Masakazu Morita (Shuuji Miwa), who were apparently surprised when the new show was announced. It’s safe to say that they did not see that one coming.


According to the announcement, this new series will have a completely new story that is not found in the bestselling Weekly Shounen Jump! manga by Daisuke Ashihara. More details about this new anime will be made in the days ahead.

Both the manga and anime follow the exploits of Border, an organization dedicated from protecting the world from the invading “Neighbors”, beings who live in a separate world. Osamu Mikumo is a young Border trainee agent who suddenly gets attacked by a Neighbor, however, he is saved by a boy named Yuuma, who also happens to be a Neighbor,

source: Animate.TV