S.O.X. members, assemble!

To promote the “Revolution” against the government’s anti-lewd policies where even dirty jokes and sexual innuendos are banned, one of this summer’s hottest ecchi anime has gotten a full-page ad inside the pages of one of Japan’s largest and most influential newspaper publications, the Yomiuri Shimbun.


The ad ran on the newspaper’s 21 July 2015 edition and featured the cover artwork from the anime’s Blu-ray/ DVD volume 1 release, which is scheduled for release in Japan on 26 August 2015.


The ad not only promotes the anime, which is currently being aired in Japan, but it also promotes the upcoming Blu-ray/ DVD release mentioned above. The limited edition volume 1 release will not only feature volume 1 of the anime’s Blu-Ray or DVD (episode 1 and episode 2), but also include a soundtrack CD.

The ad also promoted the release of the anime’s OP and ED songs as a single with the OP song, B Chiku Sentai SOX, performed by SOX and the ED song, INNER URGE by seiyuu Sumire Uesaka (voices Oboro Tsukimigusa in the anime and Fubuki in Kantai Collection), being released on 22 July 2015.

So, who’s ready to fight the power and  join the S.O.X. revolution?!

source: Crunchyroll