One of the pains of being a cosplayer is cleaning your costume from food and/or make-up stains, dirt, and all-sorts of grime without damaging it, as some are very delicate. Most costumes are handmade by the cosplayers themselves, and hence they would want only the best service for their crafted costumes. In Japan, a special cleaning service has popped up that caters only to cosplayers, and they promise to take special care of your beloved costumes.


Known as “Layer Care”, these cleaners proudly specialize in cleaning costumes for cosplayers, and they claim they are able to get rid of those pesky stains and dirt in no time. Their name even shows how dedicated they are to cosplayers as the term “Layer” is a Japanese slang word for cosplayer, and they really “Care” about them.


Layer Care not only cleans your costumes, but their official website also offers free online consultation on what kind of service their costume needs, whether it be dry cleaning or the usual washing, or something else entirely. For cleaning, their  “basic course” is worth 4,000 yen, which is for costumes which contain up to five articles.


Their “deluxe course” meanwhile, is worth 5,000 yen and is for costumes which have six pieces.


They also have an additional service for cleaning up cosplay shoes and boots, and for an extra 1,000 yen, Layer Support can store your costume for you for one year, right after it’s been cleaned. So if you are attending an event like Comiket but have absolutely no space to store your costume after it is cleaned, then Layer Support is a big help, and for 1,000 yen, that is cheap.

Customers who want their costumes cleaned also have to fill out a form where they are asked specific questions like which areas do they want given special attention to, or any areas which are a bit delicate. Once the form is finished, customers can then submit it to the Layer Support cleaners and within two weeks, they can get their costumes back, clean as a whistle… unless they want it stored for a year of course.

source: Kotaku