Japanese music icon, Utada Hikaru, married last May to her Italian fiancee, Francesco Calliano. And she announced good news in her official blog that she has given birth to a baby boy, whom she describes as a “very gentle boy”.


She left a special message for her baby boy, where she hoped he will drink his milk well. She thanked her fans and her parents for all their support in her blog announcement.

She also announced that during her pregnancy, she has already created a new album and said that this new album would likely be finished in a short amount of time. She then told her fans to look forward to it, and added that she wants to finish it as soon as possible. Wow! For a woman who just gave birth, it looks like Hikki is as busy as ever!

Last February 2014, Hikki announced that she is about to be wed to her Italian boyfriend and asked fans to respect their privacy as he is not from the entertainment industry.

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To Hikki, from all of us here at AFA Channel, we wish you the best of luck in your marriage, your new son, and your new album!

wedding images via Hikki’s website