Japan is known for many weird-flavored snacks ranging from wasabi-flavored kitkats to “ramen burgers” and fish-flavored ice cream. Now there is another weird food item added to their menu, as Japanese candy company UHA teams up with Sanrio’s salmon fillet mascot, Kirimi-chan for some salmon-flavored puccho candy.


You’ve read that one right, salmon candy, and it boasts a “unique” salted salmon taste. Kirimi-chan serves as the inspiration for this unique and intriguing candy , and she stars with Puccho candy’s own mascot, Puccho-kun, in a new TV ad!

When you open the wrapper, the candy itself really does look like salmon flesh. It also has bits and pieces of actual salted salmon inside and has a fishy aroma to complete the candy’s salmon theme.


According to the brave taste tester over at Rocket News24, the candy is really disgusting and he can’t believe he actually put it in his mouth. However, when paired up with rice, it seems that the Salmon-flavored Puccho candy ain’t as bad. According to their taste tester, “It’s not terrible! I can actually eat it this way!”. Their final verdict is a score of 1/10, and 5/10 when eaten with rice