The original Kantai Collection game has just been updated once again, and it comes with new features just for the summer season.

The biggest addition from the 17 July update is surely the new Kai Ni upgrade for the light cruiser, Abukuma. Since this a hypothetical upgrade and did not happen historically, Abukuma Kai Ni would unfortunately need a blueprint to get her. However, she does come with some rare equipment, including a Daihatsu-class Landing Craft and a 12.7cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount (Late Model).


The update also introduces beach costumes for some fleet girls, and they have certainly turned up the heat for summer.

Destroyer Yuudachi Kai Ni (poi!)


Destroyer Shigure Kai Ni


Italian Battleship Littorio


Italian Battleship Italia


Repair Ship Akashi Kai


Light Cruiser Tenryuu


The update also added summer voices to over 40 fleet girls as well as added new furniture to decorate your Admiral’s Office with a summer theme. Admirals can also own 10 more ships as the maximum number of ship girls one admiral can own has been increased to 260, while the number of equipment owned by an admiral can now be up to 1,140.

The update also added new quests and background music. Admirals can now also upgrade the Type 32 RADAR into the Type 32 RADAR Kai while the 3-2 boss can now be reached with a light cruiser as the flagship.

Source: KanColle Wikia