In 2009, K-On! started a revolution in the anime industry, and made its five main characters some of the most popular in the history of anime. As part of the series’ 5th anniversary celebrations, as well as celebrating resident keyboard player, Tsumugi “Mugi” Kotobuki’s birthday last 1 July, Japanese anime shopping website, Animaru, is offering up Korg’s special Mugi Keytar for sale.


During the first season of K-On!, Mugi was seen playing a Korg RK-100 Keytar, and this special K-On! Keytar uses that model’s successor, the Korg RK-100S. 20 original K-On! songs will be featured in the keytar, including Don’t Say Lazy, Kagayake! Girls, Go! Go! Maniac, and Mugi’s own character song, Yasei no Jounetsu.


It will also come with special bonus items such as a pink storage bag and white strap. Meanwhile, the keytar’s back panel will be featuring Mugi herself, along with the K-On! logo


The Mugi Keytar is USB compatible and also comes with features such as mic/audio input and MIDI audio output. Users can also record the songs they played using the instrument. However, this Mugi Keytar won’t come cheap as it comes with a hefty price tag of a 64,800 yen, tax included.

Source: Animaru