In the anime world, Guts is considered to be one of the most badass characters around. After a 10-month long hiatus, the mighty swordsman is finally returning as the series mangaka, Kentarou Miura, will be resuming the serialisation.


According to a magazine scan from issue 14 of Young Animal Magazine, Berserk will be returning in the magazine’s next issue (issue 15), which is out on 24 July. The scan also revealed that the continuation of Berserk will be a monthly serialisation.


Berserk’s hiatus began after the manga’s latest chapter was released last 26 September 2014. The hiatus, which lasted for about 10 months, is the latest of a series of hiatuses which began early last year as the manga went on hiatus again in June before resuming in August. After the chapter which was released last September, the manga went on hiatus again.

Even with all the hiatuses, fans are definitely looking forward to the return and seeing Guts back in action. Let’s just hope there will be a long time until Berserk’s next hiatus as the manga is known for having them, which has frustrated many fans, just like the Hunter x Hunter manga, another series known for frequent hiatuses.

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source: ANN