If you thought cockroaches were scary (and disgusting), how scary would a live-action version of a gigantic, humanoid cockroach which can also fly be? Kenichi Tachibana and Yuu Sasuga’s bestselling science fiction thriller manga, Terraformars, is getting itself a live-action movie adaptation and the cast members have finally been announced. However, some changes to a few characters have been announced.

The movie will be adapting the Bugs 2 arc from the manga, which are the second batch of people sent to Mars to counter the Terraformar threat. Because the original manga featured a multi-national cast which includes a man from Israel, a man from Thailand, an American, etc., the movie’s casting will go down like the live-action Attack on Titan movie, where the characters are getting what fans call a “race lift” and will feature a Japanese-only cast. Because this conflicts with the manga’s setting, changes to the characters were made. Here are the cast members:

 Hideaki Itou (Princess Blade) as Shoukichi Komachi


Takayuki Yamada (live-action Bakuman movie) as Ichirou Hiruma


Shun Oguri (live-action Lupin III movie) as Kou Honda


Kane Kosugi (Live-Action DOA: Dead or Alive movie, Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge) as God Lee


Rinko Kikuchi (Pacific Rim) as Asuka Moriki, based on Victoria Wood


Masaya Kato (Godzilla Returns) as Keisuke Doujima, based on Donatello K. Davis, father of Michelle K. Davis


Emi Takei (live-action Rurouni Kenshin) as Nanao Akita


Eiko Koike (20th Century Boys) as Mina Oobari, based on Zhang Ming-Ming


Former AKB48 idol, Mariko Shinoda (Ouran High School Host Club) as Ai Oosako, based on Jaina Eisenstein


Kenichi Takitou (Climber’s High) as Toshiji Tezuka, based on Tejas Viji


Rina Oota (The Next Generation -Patlabor-, Princess Jellyfish) as Maria Renjou, based on Maria Viren


Tomoshisa “Yamapi” Yamashita (live-action Ashita no Joe) as Hitoshi Mutou, based on Thien


Rila Fukushima (The Wolverine, Arrow, Game of Thrones) as Sakakibara, a new original character not found in the manga and anime


Now that’s some heavy star power right there, and the movie gets some Hollywood backing with Rila Fukushima and Rinko Kikuchu, who both have Hollywood blockbuster experience with The Wolverine and Pacific Rim respectively. Kane Kosugi meanwhile adds some action as the Japanese-American martial artist is known for his slick moves on screen, enough that even Hollywood as noticed.

The all-star cast is even made brighter with stars like Shun Oguri, Takayuki Yamada, Rina Oota, and Emi Takei, who are all big names back in Japan. However, star power alone is not enough to make a good movie, but then again, we will surely see them fighting gigantic cockroaches in movie theaters soon as the movie is slated for Golden Week next year.

source: Comic Natalie