New developments in the Bookmark of Demise Project have just been announced! A teaser video previewing a new album and cast announcements were uploaded to video streaming site Nico Nico Video.

The new album, titled “Demise –Re:act-“, will go on sale 23 September 2015. It will feature the cast of the Bookmark of Demise singing their respective character songs. Two first-press versions of the album will be released, with one focusing on the members of the occult club, and the other on the members of the film studies club. They will also include a voice drama CD and an original random rubber strap.




Megumi Ogata will play A-ya, an unsocial boy who likes to spread rumors. She will sing the song “Hide and Seek of Isolation”, which is also the first song in the Bookmark of Demise Project. The original song has been uploaded to Nico Nico Video – you can listen to it here.



D-ne, a shy and quiet girl who is a fellow member of the occult club, will be voiced by Mai Aizawa. Her song is “Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game”. The song is available on the album Demise -Re:write-.



Last but not least, Emiri Katou will play B-ka, a feminine boy from the film studies club. She will sing “A Gentle Ghost Story”, which is only available on the album Demise –Re:mind-. The cast for remaining characters have been set to be announced in future, along with the full tracklist for the album.

You may be familiar with Kagerou Project, which spawned the anime series Mekakucity Actors last year, or Mikagura School Suite, whose anime just finished airing. However, have you heard of the Bookmark of Demise Project as well? The Bookmark of Demise Project is a series of Vocaloid songs with a central overarching plotline, with little parts of the story being told through each song. The story follows the four members of the occult club, who witness a gruesome murder and are drawn into playing the “Game of Demise”. To survive, they have to re-enact the urban legends as written in the Book of Demise, while trying to find out who is the traitorous “fox” among them.

The songs from the Bookmark of Demise project are handled by 150P (pronounced as one-half-P), famous for hit Vocaloid songs like Lost Destination and sweet vengeance, and Suzumu, who is not only notable for his Vocaloid songs, but also for his work in the anime Danganronpa The Animation, where he composed the ending theme, “Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku”. The illustrations for the project are done by Komine and Saine, who helmed the original character designs.


Previously, there have been two major albums released: Demise –Re:write- and Demise –Re:mind-, and two doujin albums: Re:After School Demise Game and Unlucky Final [email protected] Trip. Re:After School Demise Game was released at Comiket 82 while Unlucky Final [email protected] Trip was released during THE [email protected] [email protected] 27. One interesting thing to note is that the album previews for Demise –Re:write- and Demise –Re:mind- both feature seiyuus Mai Aizawa and Hiroshi Kamiya narrating. Considering that the earliest preview video was released more than two years ago, one wonders if the cast for the characters was already decided at that point in time, as Aizawa will be playing the role of D-ne now.


The project has also seen a few mix-media spin-offs, including a manga serialization and a novelization. The manga, written by Amino Yuuki, is running in the magazine Monthly Comic Gene. It has six volumes to date. Meanwhile, the novel series is written by none other than Suzumu, one of the original creators of the project, and the series has four volumes out currently. The covers are illustrated by Saine and the insert images are done by Komine.

In addition to the casting information and new album, the teaser video also hints at collaboration with the Schoolgirl Detective series, a mystery Vocaloid project with songs written by Teniwoha. More information about this exciting collaboration is set to be announced soon.

With all these new developments being revealed in the Bookmark of Demise series, we can’t wait to find out what’s going to come up next!

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