On a special net broadcast this past Saturday, MARiA and Toku announced that GARNiDELiA will be having their third solo Live 「Stellacage vol.Ⅲ」 on 7 November 2015 at the Toyosu PIT. Continuing their series of live events to promote their upcoming Indies Best Album BiRTHiA, they will also be appearing on Lisani in October!

Tickets for stellacage vol.Ⅲ will go on sale for 4,900 yen beginning on September 26.


At the same time, they have announced that they will be opening a fan club this August! The official GARNiDELiA fan club 「galaxia」will launch from 18 August 2015 for a monthly subscription of 300 yen.

Fan club members will have access to special live photos and behind the scenes information. They will also have early access to buying tickets for their lives, beginning with the 3rd solo live in November! Stellacage vol.Ⅲ priority sales (on a lottery basis) will begin on the same day as the fan club launch on 18 August! Looks like it’s time for me to get ready to sign up! Will you join the fan club as well?