Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is not only an Academy Award-winning animated movie, but it has also touched the hearts of many across the globe. One example is in the Chinese city of Handan where a service company gotten its employees to wear a very familiar mask from this classic movie.

To relief employees from the stress of smiling to customers and clients each and every day, the company had all of its employees don the iconic “No-Face” mask for a very unique “No-Face Day”. The special day was also done to promote a stress-free working environment that many of us are all-too familiar with.

While some have said that this No-Face Mask thing is just a mere PR stunt to promote the company, it does however relieve its employees of making those forced smiles, even if they are having a bad day at work. Not bad, but won’t their faces get all sweaty underneath?

And that certain service company has most certainly pulled out all the stops and made EVERYBODY No-Face for a day as even the janitors and security personnel wore the masks for work.

Honestly, it would be weird to have gone to their building for that day, even if you are a huge fan of Spirited Away. Well, at least none of the employees tried to pull what No-Face did in this scene during working hours:


source: Kotaku