Last year, 1,000 dancing Pikachus descended to Yokohama, Japan, which immediately became a viral internet sensation. This year will be no different as a new “Pikachu Outbreak” is scheduled to occur this August. The city’s Sakuragichou Station is bracing for their arrival with new Pikachu signs and posters.


The Pikaposters and Pikasigns have been greeting commuters since 18 July and can be found around the station until 16 August to promote the Pikachu Outbreak. Looks like it started early, though one of them does not seem to be a Pikachu at all…


Hopefully, nobody gets electrocuted… Here are even more photos of the Pikachus from  Sakuragichou Station:


And it wasn’t just the train station the Pikachus have invaded, as the neighboring Cross Gate and Fuji Soft buildings also got their yellow on with some Pokemon ads for the Pikachu Outbreak event.


Now ain’t that just the cutest?

The Pikachu Outbreak will be held from 8 – 18 August 2015 and will take place in various areas around the city of Yokohama, with various Pokemon-related activities, including those dancing Pikachus which went viral last year. Here’s the promo video for this year’s event which invites everyone to join in on the festivities:

Source: Rocket News 24